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Functional Medicine/Wellness Services

Functional Medicine/Wellness Services

IV Therapy

A quick and amazing way to feel your best! Whether you are looking for quick hydration, a boost in energy, a boost to your immune system, a hangover relief, assistance in sports/muscle soreness/recovery, or a quick start to helping your hair, skin, and nails, IV therapy may be a great option.

Initial Consultation Required

Myers Cocktail with glutathione

$175 / $225

Hangover Relief



Immune Boost



Inner Beauty Boost: Hair Skin, & Nails



Amino Acid Boost






Glutathione push add-on



Simple Fluids-Lactated Ringer’s



All above is 45 min, NAD is 2 hours
IV be added onto any service of 45 min+

Functional Medicine Weight Loss/Detox Program

Where we comprise a series of telehealth visits, laboratory tests, immune support protocols, and workout plans to get you feeling your best.
This program consists of an in-depth virtual consultation and series of TeleHealth visits that analyze your chief complaints, current supplements, recent lab work, and current lifestyle habits including both exercise and diet, by a licensed health care professional and board-certified Physician Assistant, Jennelle Suarez, MSPA, PA-C. We then place a customized protocol in place including medical-grade supplements and a detox/diet program to start the detoxification process, followed by immune support IV therapy when warranted, and weekly telemedicine check-ins to keep you on track.
The initial consultation will be via a Virtual TeleHealth visit scheduled through HIPAA compliant software where you can investigate your chief complaints in a safe and confidential environment for a fee of $800 paid via Zelle or invoice payment through our online POS system.
A specific meal plan and/or detox protocol plan including professional medical-grade supplements will be set in place and sent to you within 48 hours for review and purchase, which then we will schedule a weekly check-in to review your mental and physical status on this new protocol and make modifications and professional guidance if necessary.
A 4-week protocol will be set in place, with the option to continue with lifestyle plans when transitioning out of the detox cleanse protocol.
30 min each visit, the initial visit may extend to 1 hour.
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