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The Top 5 Ingredients to Ask for In Your AQUA GOLD 24k Facial

AQUAGOLD 24k Facial | Holistic Beauty Innovations | Scottsdale, AZ

AQUAGOLD 24k Facial is one of today’s newest and hottest trends in the aesthetic medicine industry. This unique skin service allows you to have a customized concoction of ingredients be evenly distributed directly into your skin without the hassle of long downtimes. Using 24k gold plated 20 microchannel devices, the first FDA-registered technology in microchanneling called AQUAGOLD Fine Touch gets an extra special touch of innovation. It effectively delivers small and even doses of unique cocktail solutions throughout your face. With the right ingredients, AQUAGOLD 24k Facial promotes pore size reduction, skin tightening, and instant glow-ups to your skin, all done without the pain of actual injections! Let’s know more about this procedure and its remarkable components.

What’s the AQUAGOLD 24k Facial?

The AQUAGOLD 24k Facial gives you brighter and more radiant skin, all without the hassle of pores and fine lines, all minimized and reduced to last for months. This treatment is the latest and most effective facial treatment that takes the cosmetic scene by storm.

This Facial helps soften fine lines, reduce huge pore sizes, minimize unwanted acne scarring and provide your skin with a healthy, glowing, and supple tone you’ve always wanted. AQUAGOLD 24k Facial does all of these results and makes your skin feel evener and smoother than before.

This treatment is straightforward and pretty painless, uniquely customized of blends consisting of everything you need. All at once, AQUAGOLD 24k Facial gives everything to you – no need for additional treatments and visits. But what goes in it that makes it remarkable? We’ll soon find out what.

How The Treatment Works

Let’s learn how AQUAGOLD 24k Facial works. Patented and finely touched, the Aquagold device is a microinjector that administers thousands of microinjections. Every minute, it uses a customizable vial towards your skin, having no pain or downtime. This vial contains all the excellent stuff linked to twenty (20) surgical-grade stainless steel microchannels plated with pure 24K gold, each microinjection thinner than a normal human hair. 

The AQUAGOLD 24k Facial procedure is speedy and relatively easy, lasting about 20-30 minutes. Its downtime is minimal, sometimes none at all. Most patients start seeing results even after hours or a few days after their treatment. Since this treatment is, by design, a medical procedure, it can only be available to physicians. If you want to experience it, talk to your doctor or healthcare provider about the right blend of ingredients you’ll need to create the perfect concoction for your skin needs. We’ve come up with five (5) top ingredients you should consider adding to your mixture whenever you undergo the AQUAGOLD 24k Facial

AQUAGOLD 24k Facial’s Top 5 Ingredients

1. Hyaluronic Acid

The first component you should include in your AQUAGOLD 24k Facial is hyaluronic acid. Our bodies can produce large quantities of this ingredient during our younger years. However, as we age, the natural process of aging depletes it. Over time, the once dewy and glowing skin we had that’s well-hydrated and regularly replenished gets reduced, making our skin lose its glow, fighting the occurrence only to stay committed to doing its job. Some of the benefits you can get from adding hyaluronic acid to your AQUAGOLD 24k Facial:

  • It provides that radiant and natural look to your skin, making it look younger than before
  • Our bodies naturally produce it, found primarily on the skin itself. 
  • Binds with water in retaining moisture, keeping your skin become more plumped, more saturated, and less dry
  • It makes your skin have a supple and glowing appearance
  • Softens lines give hydration and volume, reduce the presence of wrinkles, and help fight redness and dermatitis

2. Botox

From forehead line and crow’s feet elimination to volume addition to your cheeks, Botox is the filler that does it all. In addition, it also reduces the size of your pores. Here are the best facts about Botox:

  • adding even a little Botox to your AQUAGOLD 24k Facial treatment allows you to keep your achieved results for months
  • long-lasting, with mixtures added to the microinjections directly applied to your skin, freeze your fine lines and reduce your pore size suitable for a long time
  • Often seen (or not seen!) by patients resulting in much smaller pores for almost anywhere, two (2) to four (4) months after your procedure.

3. Sterile Vitamin C

You’re lucky if you’re getting enough Vitamin C because many of us aren’t, and we might need much more than we probably think. With this vital ingredient added to the concoction of your AQUAGOLD 24k Facial, you will have the following benefits:

Brightens your skin tone and eliminates brown spots

Fights off the presence of free radicals, pollutants, and discoloration

Evens out your skin tone and texture

It helps reduce acne scars and the general dullness of your skin

Promotes collagen and elastin production, two of the essential protein fibers that keep your skin radiant and firm

4. Sterile Vitamin B

Related to Vitamin C, Vitamin B is the antioxidant vitamin that helps repair and invigorate the skin. It helps give skin enough clarity and brightness. It also fights dryness and pigmentation. Since vitamins are essential in keeping the skin healthy, research studies have shown that these components are most effective when directly applied to the skin’s surface. When added to your AQUAGOLD 24k Facial, not only will you get the effects mentioned earlier, but it can also:

  • Reduce skin dullness and give you a wonderful, radiant glow, and
  • Slows down the aging of your skin
  • Part of what gives you that fresh, rejuvenated overall look and feel
  • Vitamins B-3 and B-5 are known to help slow down the skin’s aging process
  • It also helps improve your skin tone and texture and fights acne

5. Tranexamic Acid

Named by Glamour Magazine as “the breakthrough skincare ingredient for the ‘glowiest’ skin ever,” tranexamic acid helps brighten skin complexion while fighting stubborn discolorations. A perfect additional ingredient to your AQUAGOLD 24k Facial, correct? Reap benefits with this ingredient such as:

  • Powerful, effective, and safe against pigmentation and dark spots, called melasma
  • A 2013 study showed patients treated with tranexamic acid microinjections or microneedling showcased improvements in MASI (Melasma Area Severity Index) scores of 35%-44%, with a few seeing as much improvement as 50% without any adverse side effects.
  • Found in serums, toners, and face masks relatively safe for any ingredient
  • It calms down the skin, helps restore the natural skin barrier, and lessens skin sensitivity to harmful UV

AQUAGOLD 24k Facial Takeaways

Well, that’s AQUAGOLD 24k Facial for you! There are also the five (5) top ingredients to ask for in your AQUAGOLD 24k Facial treatment. Discuss this information with your doctor or healthcare provider to help you find the right blend of components needed for your skin type. Enjoy skin that’s glowing bolder and more rejuvenated – thanks to AQUAGOLD 24k Facial.

A bit intrigued with what AQUAGOLD 24k Facial and its right set of ingredients can do for your skin concerns? Our awesome friends at Holistic Beauty Innovations, LLC covered you today. Visit them now! https://holisticbeautyinnovations.com/


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