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What to Know About Kybella Injections?

What to Know About Kybella Injections

Kybella injections can help you with the troubles of losing all those stubborn fats. It can help lose fat from double chins and other stubborn areas permanently. This procedure is the only known non-surgical treatment approved by the FDA for dissolving excess fat. It is quick and only takes 15 minutes, with little to no downtime.

         Today, let’s know more about Kybella injections and how they can help with your fat-related concerns. Come on!

What are Kybella Injections?

         Deoxycholic acid is commercially named Kybella. Since our bodies naturally produce this particular substance in our digestive systems, it helps us break down fats so we can easily digest them more. Deoxycholic acid is a material also used as a food emulsifier. In addition, Kybella is also a non-surgical alternative against lipomas or non-cancerous tumors that are made out of fat cells.

How Kybella Works

When Kybella injections get administered into submental areas like your chin, it kills fat cells and eventually reduces that double chin appearance. As mentioned earlier, the Food and Drug Administration has only approved Kybella’s use in this area.

You could get up to six (6) Kybella injections spaced at least a month apart to achieve optimal results. However, the majority of patients only get two treatments. Kybella injections should be spaced around four (4) to six (6) weeks apart.

Kybella injections are a type of procedure called injection lipolysis, which breaks down fat through injections. People usually opt for Kybella injections due to their non-surgical nature and an option for removing excess chin fat. This treatment has a slower recovery time and fewer risks than traditional surgical procedures.

Who Can Inject Kybella?

In the United States, trained medical experts, such as doctors, nurses, physicians, and even their assistants, are the only professionals allowed to administer Kybella injections. For some states, nurses or physician’s assistants are required to be supervised by doctors for them to perform injectable procedures in clinics and med spas.

Practitioners can also provide Kybella injections in various settings. In a med spa, spa-like settings for these non-surgical cosmetic procedures can be one option. Surgery offices can also provide injections for potential patients.

Expectations for Kybella Recovery

Typically, getting Kybella injections takes around 20 minutes. One sitting allow practitioners to give up to 50 injections from the same syringe used earlier for your Kybella procedure. These injections are usually between 1 centimeter from each other. Right after your Kybella injection, you should expect:

  • bruising
  • inflammation
  • pain
  • redness
  • swelling
  • temporary numbness at the injection site

In addition, other potential side effects may include:

  • beard hair loss, either temporary or permanent
  • dysphagia or difficulty in swallowing
  • temporary injury of the nerve
  • ulceration of the skin

Potential swelling often fades after a couple of days to a few weeks. Usually, you can return to your normal activity levels immediately after your Kybella injections. Doctors may suggest compression garments to aid you with the swelling.

Others prefer Kybella injections over liposuction since it has a shorter recovery time. But others stay home until all the swelling disappears, especially if they’re self-conscious about this side effect. Kybella is also an alternative for those not ideal for facial plastic surgeries, such as liposuctions or neck lifts.

Expected results will manifest in the next six (6) to eight (8) weeks after the treatment. Notice some skin tightening in the chin area and less of that unwanted appearance of double chins. Kybella effects are permanent, but if you have gained significantly, you can see some fat deposits return to the chin area.

Is Kybella Safe?

Generally, Kybella injections are considered safe. This procedure does have small risks of nerve damage resulting in lopsided smiles or difficulties in swallowing. Some instances suggest that this damage will only be temporary.

As mentioned earlier, the FDA has only approved Kybella injections in the chin area. When used “off-label” and other body parts, there may be other risks when administering this treatment.

Alternatives to Kybella

Aside from Kybella injections, there are other submental options for fat removal, such as:

  • Coolsculpting – also known as cryolipolysis, this procedure freezes and then kills fat cells.
  • Neck Contouring Surgery – is a more invasive alternative than this list. This collection of procedures may include liposuctions, neck lifts, or both. The goal of this collective is to make the chin and neck appear flat and smooth, without any double chins.
  • SculpSure – also called laser lipolysis, this procedure, like Vanquish, heats and kills fat cells, but instead of radiofrequency, SculpSure uses lasers for application.
  • Vanquish – heats fat cells using radiofrequency and then kills them, also known as radiofrequency lipolysis.

Kybella – Does It Work?

Globally, 20 studies have shown that more than 68.2% of those who received Kybella injections saw significant fat reductions under the chin, compared to only 20% of people who have undergone placebo. Furthermore, over 79% of previous Kybella injection patients claimed to have felt happier with the appearance of the part of their face looked afterward. This information claims Kybella to be effective in fat reduction in the area where double chin occurs.

FAQs About Kybella Injections

“How soon could I see results after having Kybella injections?”

Results from Kybella injections will become noticeable but not that immediate. Kybella gradually destroys fat cells; hence, your results may take approximately six (6) to eight (8) weeks before manifesting.

“Am I the perfect candidate for Kybella injections?”

If you are unhappy having little fat deposits on your body but are a bit dodgy having surgery, you might be perfect as a candidate for Kybella injections.

“How long do Kybella injection results last?”

The results you can get from Kybella injections are permanent. Fat will not start going back after Kybella dissolves when patients maintain a stable weight. According to FDA studies, those who kept regular weights after getting Kybella injections maintained their improvement for up to five (5) years.

“How do you recover from Kybella injections?”

After having Kybella injections, most people return to their regular, everyday routines the next day. Although, there may still be slight swelling and tenderness for the next days after the treatment.

Takeaways on Kybella Injections

Kybella injections help stubborn fat go away like in the double-chin. Maintain your results by having additional injections, diet, and exercise, especially when the two (2) last activities fail to help rid the body of stubborn fat. Kybella injections can permanently remove years and pounds of fat and hassle from your body! Kybella injections are today’s “mini-liposuction in a syringe.” Call your doctor or healthcare provider for additional information.

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